Count on Mothers is a digital tool with the purpose of uniting and surveying mothers on policies that directly affect the well-being of our families.
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Stay Informed
Explore upcoming and existing legislation and get connected with relevant lobby groups.
Be Heard
Answer polls in app and automatically send your thoughts to relevant decision makers.
Amplify our Voices
As our community grows, our polls will be shared with news organizations, lobby groups, and legislators.
Count on Mothers aggregates and provides policy news for mothers, surveys their opinions in a simple yes/no format, and sends the results directly to the legislators involved.  We address topics that affect our children now and in the future, such as:
internet safety  |  gun safety  |  environmental safety  |  safe and supportive schools  |  data privacy  |  reproductive health  |  healthy accessible food  |  children's health  |  flexible workplace  |  paid parental leave  |  equal pay  |  affordable childcare  |  dependable healthcare
What happens when I sign up?
1) You'll receive updates on the beta version of the app
2) You will not receive any other emails, nothing else will happen with your name or email address
What does the app do?
1) Aggregates policy news that affects children
2) Connects all mothers across political lines and backgrounds to mothers’ rights and family advocacy groups for up-to-date information on public policies in areas of safety, freedom, and social supports that protect and improve the lives of our children
3) Surveys mothers anonymously
4) Displays analytics on a dashboard to see a macro view of mothers’ stance, needs, and experiences
5) Sends results directly to the legislators involved
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We are mothers and caregivers. We come from every political bent, from every walk of life, from every stage of motherhood. We hold the keys to our country‚Äôs future. There are 77 million of us in America. A quarter of the U.S. population. We share one goal: to raise children who will thrive. It‚Äôs time for us to unite and use our untapped power ‚ÄĒ our numbers ‚ÄĒ to make the world a better place.
You're in for the count!
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